【Love Easter! Limited Time Offer】

Easter is a dreamy time for chocolate eggs, but also a buck-saving fest with a great sale on furniture, accessories and lighting. Simply take a photo with OVO’s exclusive Instagram filter and hashtag #OVO #LoveEaster, for a chance to enjoy up to an extra 10% discount!  *Terms and conditions apply

How to apply

1. Follow @ovohk Instagram account

2. Select "filter" in the main screen

3. Take a picture of the selected pop up stand

4. Hashtag #OVO #LoveEaster and upload to your Instagram post or stories

5. Well done! Enjoy your offer!

【Love Easter! 限時激賞優惠】

復活節又點止得朱古力蛋一個超級新星?呢個仲係大豐收嘅季節!只要Follow OVO instagram, 使用季節限定Filter 拍攝,Hashtag #OVO #LoveEaster,即有機會享獲額外10%的折上折優惠!立即 Bookmark 您的日程行動吧! *優惠受條款及細則約束


1. 關注@ovohk Instagram帳戶

2. 於ovo 主屏幕選擇「濾鏡」

3. 標籤 #OVO and #LoveEaster

4. 任務完成!立即享用您的復活節限定禮遇! Terms and conditions

  • For products with equal or more than 20% off, participants can enjoy an extra 5% discount.

  • For products with less than 20% off, participants can enjoy an extra 10% discount.

  • This offer applies to regular-priced items & discounted items; fixed-price items and consignment items are excluded.

  • This offer CANNOT be used in conjunction with the rebate offer.

  • Discounted items will be calculated with the highest discount.

  • This offer is NOT applicable to delivery charge, walk-up charge and service charge; and CANNOT be used for purchasing OVO Group cash coupons.

  • In case of any dispute on this offer, the decision of OVO Group shall be final.

  • OVO Group reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.


  • 產品折扣等於或多於8折的產品,參與者可享獲5%的額外折扣。

  • 產品折扣少於8折的產品,參與者可享獲10%的額外折扣。

  • 此優惠適用於正價商品和折扣商品; 固定價格項目和寄售項目不包括在內。

  • 此優惠不能與折扣優惠一起使用。

  • 折扣商品將以最高折扣計算。

  • 此優惠不適用於送貨費,上門費和服務費; 和不能用於購買OVO Group現金券。

  • 對此優惠如有任何爭議,OVO Group保留最終決定權。

  • OVO Group保留隨時更改這些條款和條件的權利,恕不另行通知。