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Andreu World - Ideal for use in resilient offices

18 May 2022

Despite the boom in remote working during pandemics, majority of workers still feel better working personally as a team. It is important to encourage comfort and wellness in the workplace to boost spur growth, make the targets more achievable and create a sense of attachment to the working environment.

With more than 65 years of business experience, Andreu World is an international contemporary design furniture company for homes and corporate spaces. Andreu World design pieces are manufactured using 100% FSC-certified wood from reforested forests with attention to functional and aesthetic details.

The Capri Lounge chairs, the Nuez armchairs with casters and the Nuez High Back stools respond to the needs of Andreu Worldโ€™s project in the Singapore Office of Bloomberg, the financial software, data, news and insight company, to create designs that respond to the requirements of the new ways of working.

Photoes Credit - Andreu World


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