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Andreu World's Nub Collection - Happy Memories Of Childhood

20 Oct 2021
Blog Cover Photo | OVO Furniture | Andreu Would Nub Collection

OVO Furniture | Andreu Would - Nub

Andreu World's Nub Collection begins with an image from its designer, Patricia Urquiola’s childhood: her fascination with artisan wisdom of the women’s wooden lacemaking instruments.

OVO Furniture | Andreu Would - Nub

The Nub is an attractive and unique collection of chairs, armchairs, lounge chairs, and benches with solid beech frames and numerous finish options. The design is the result of a sophisticated woodworking process and the modern detailing of the sculpted backrest. The geometry of spindles is not only for aesthetic purposes but also provides lumbar support. In addition, the alternating rhythm of the namesake nubs gives the pieces their materiality and three-dimensional quality.

Source from Andreu World

Photo Source from Andreu World


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