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Gifts for Dad of different personalities

15 June 2022

Men in nature are not fond of expressing his feelings. They would instead solve problems than showing their emotions. A family is not a whole without either a mother or a father. Since Father’s day is approaching, plan something to spend with dad, get him a gift and spoil him like a King on this special day to reciprocate his love.

For Renaissance Dad

For dad who likes to self-enhance himself, read books and do some writing. A coffee side table and table lamp is a wise Father’s day present. PIKUL lamp, inspired by oriental culture, boasting a unique geometric net shade and clean line stand in a matte black finish, shadows the lamp shade pattern when lighted up, presenting a mood of oriental royalty while retaining a modern appeal. OVALINO side table, made of regenerated leather and metal, is a good companion for dad to place a cup of espresso roast while chilling on the sofa reading historical biography.

For Business-Driven Dad

Workaholic dad may feel appreciated with a supportive modern desk chair while working from home. DOGE HO and JUSTO swivel chair sure meet his standard. It allows him to sit comfortably for an extended period of time without feeling back pain yet maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

For Artistic Dad

For dad who appreciates art and sculpture, a lifelike Man figure collection, sculpted in different masculine postures, may look attractive displaying the complete collection on a shelf or sideboard. The collection comes in 4 postures, STRETCH, RELAX, CUDDLE and STRUGGLE.

For Antique Lovers Dad

While some dads prefer contemporary art and design, some dads love antiques.

RUST GLAZE teapot set is good to get for dad who enjoys Gong Fu Tea. Get him a set, sit together, catch up and enjoy a cup. STONE LIONS are auspicious mascots made with stone. It is believed to bring luck and prosperity to family, which contribute to positive well-being.

For Garden Lovers Dad

Mini-plants and mini bonsais are an excellent choice for dad who is patient and loves plants. OVO and OVOGARDEN source for one-of-a-kind mini bonsais from Japan, Taiwan and China. Alternatively, we have artificial mini-plants and bonsai that do not need much maintenance but can release good energy, are recommended to be put in the home or workspace to cultivate positive motivation.

Any day is Father’s day. Show your appreciation now than later.


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