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Interior design tips to expand your living space

07 June 2022

interior styling

interior styling

Do you wish to expand your living space with some useful tips from the angle of experienced interior designers? If you are looking for some ideas to expand your living room space, white ceilings, light wood floors and appropriate use of mirrors are some smart ways to make your limited living space visually larger. Read on to find out.

interior styling

Choose colors wisely, the lighter the better

Lighter hues of walls, such as blush pink, pale blue, dusky lilacs and pale grey can create a larger and brighter living room feeling. Light and warm color like coral helps to brighten a room, make the room feel more inviting, pleasant, and spacious.

interior styling

Use mirrors to create an expansive feel

Interior design usually makes use of mirrors to ramp up visual interest, and create visual illusions in generating a spacious visual feel. Choose the right size and shape of the mirror to reflect your decorating dreams. A gallery wall of small framed mirrors helps to spice up the space with an eye-catching accent. Boost the interior aesthetic of an existing focal point with a large mirror.

interior styling

Add layers to your space with the use of Rug

Using rugs to layer is a smart interior decor way to add a touch of colors, patterns, and textures to a living area. Layering a small rug over a larger one can direct the eye to a specific area. It works best when the two rugs are of different sizes, with a large and dominant piece and other smaller pieces to act as an accent. Make sure the top piece is at least 2/3 the size of the piece underneath.

Multi-functional furniture

When it comes to decorating a limited living area, it is always wise to choose furniture that are multi-functional. For homes with limited space, sofa bed is a

better option than a two or three-seater, you can use it as a sofa and as a bed when your friend or relative has a staycation at your home.

OVO DAYDREAM is one of our custom-made sofas that provide you with function of a bed as well as storage.

Space-saving furniture

It is always wise choosing furniture that is space-saving. A round dining table usually takes up less space while extendable dining tables are in trend today, it is a thoughtful innovation to fit a living room with limited space. You can expand the table to accommodate your guests and retract it when they leave. Sofa, another essential piece of furniture in the living room, is ideal to get one that is less deep to encourage more movement in the living area. OVO KULU and VITA sofas are custom-made with smaller depths to suit the need of small homes.

TENDER coffee table

A round and low coffee table is a better choice compared to a rectangular one. Pairing coffee tables side by side gives you a roomier space and at the same time enhances the character of a living area.

built-in shelving

Built-in shelving

Built-ins not only help to organize stuff discreetly, add style and personality but also maximize living space without causing a visual break. Traditional white built-ins with open shelving can fit perfectly with any interior space. Living room built-ins halfway up the wall manage to maximize living space while framing the focal point without blocking any light. OVO provides complimentary interior styling advice from experienced interior designers.

Contact our interior design team for assistance.

interior styling

A living room should always be welcoming, stylish and comfortable regardless of the size of your living room. The interior layout and decor must be thoughtfully planned. Following the five useful tips to make your small living room sound big and visually spacious in your dream way.

Let our interior designers guide you along.


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