March into Spring with our favorite highlights

Valentine's Day is coming around the same time as Chinese New Year, whether you would like to show your gratitude to your family or your beloved, you can always find a thoughtful and unique gift idea here.

Candy Boxes Candy boxes are one of the essential items for the Chinese New Year. It symbolizes luck, happiness and good fortune for the New Year. These luxurious candy boxes are designed by OVO; embellished with natural crystals from South America or jade and gilded with gold leaf.

Crystals are believed to bring different blessings including health, wisdom and fortune with its innate energy. Make by experienced craftsmen, making them extremely precious.

Resonate the Beauty of Jade

Jade is considered a stone that symbolizes gentleness and nurturing. Translucent beauty and the ease of sculpting are certainly reasons for Jades’ popularity; they resonate on a deeper spiritual level in many cultures around the world. Come and discover the beauty of jade with us.