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Reason to choose Aquaclean as your furniture fabric

3 August 2023

OVO - Reason to choose Aquaclean as your furniture fabric

Over the past few decades, sofas have undergone significant changes and advancements, and one of the most innovative developments in this regard is Aquaclean Technology®️. This technology provides an invisible layer of protection to the fabric of your sofa or any other furniture, preventing all types of daily stains from becoming permanent. Additionally, the materials used in the manufacturing process of Aquaclean fabrics are eco-friendly and free from harmful substances.

Aquaclean has quickly become the perfect solution to one of the most common problems associated with sofas – stain removal. You no longer need to worry about spilling liquids on your sofa, as Aquaclean's composition prevents liquids from penetrating the fibers.

Let's watch it:

With Aquaclean, cleaning your sofa is a breeze – all you need is water! This technology makes life easier, so you can focus on enjoying your time on your sofa with your loved ones. Furthermore, Aquaclean has been proven to extend the lifespan of sofa and chair seats, making it a wise investment.

For those who love entertaining friends and family on their comfortable sofa, Aquaclean is the perfect choice. Home decorations such as cushions or poufs are particularly susceptible to getting dirty, but with Aquaclean technology®️, you can enjoy comfort and freedom for your family. You can let your children and pets play wherever they like without any worries. For Aquaclean Technology®️, there is another name called Aquaclean SAFE FRONT®️ which can be protected against the presence of mites and bacteria, and we will introduce it in the next blog; please wait!

If you are interested in Aquaclean fabric or products, please do not feel hesitate to visit our Wan Chai and Horizon Plaza store. You can also call us or email us with the following link. Contact OVO

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