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Reunion Dinner Season Is Upon Us

16 Sep 2021
Blog Cover Photo | OVO Furniture | Tablewares

Get ready to entertain and impress your families and guests in style? This Mid-Autumn, a traditional harvest celebration that brings families together for a special meal, look no further for the perfect tableware to share with your loved ones.

STAINS Collection

Chinese calligraphy, literally ”beautiful writing’, was considered not just a form of decorative art; instead, it was viewed as the top visual art form ranked alongside poetry as a means of self-expression and cultivation. Made from ceramic and inspired by the unique artistic expression of Chinese ink brushstrokes, our STAINS collection will sure elevate any dining room!

WABI SABI Collection

OVO Furniture | Tablewares | WABI SABI Collection

If all-black seems too aggressive, try our semi-matte, WABI SABI collection. With a back-to-basics approach and effortlessly functional, the collection is meant to be quiet, tactile, and minimal, reflected in its beautiful raw edge that unveils the original colour of the clay, creating a touch of visual contrast. It is the perfect canvas for any presentation.

Stainless Steel Flatware Set

OVO Furniture | Tablewares | Stainless Steel Flatware Set

Impressively proportioned and well–crafted, this elegant stainless steel flatware set features a beautifully smooth and richly hued gold and black matte satin finish with a clean, organic and minimal design. Paired with our ceramic tableware to give a hint of understated glamour.

OVO Furniture | Tablewares | Stainless Steel Flatware Set

Sake Glass Cup Set

Our charming sake glass cup is meticulously handmade by artisans for sake lovers, featuring an excessive thin rim, sleek and elegant. From romantic floral shape short glass to exquisite shine of floating gold leaf decorated design, our glass enhances the flavour of your delicate drinks, gives a smoother texture, allowing for the subtle flavours to be enjoyed and which you’ll toast!

Round Tea Set

OVO Furniture | Tablewares | Round Tea Set

Enjoying a cup of refined Chinese tea under the graceful moonlight add poetry and interest to many memorable moments. Inspired by the beauty of Asian culture, our stylish ceramic teaware is beautifully handmade by experienced craftsmen, reflecting a calming oriental flair with zen lines. The natural dark colour with a slight metallic glaze makes the collection a surprising blend of distinctive luxury and provocative sensuality, alluring and decadent. It is perfect for a truly authentic fine tea experience.


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