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Tips For Choosing the Perfect Rug

30 Nov 2022

Are you thinking of getting a rug to make your space cozier? Let us walk you through the pre-shopping tips.

What to consider before choosing a rug

The foot traffic level should be a concern when choosing the perfect rug. If you are shopping for a living room or bedroom rug with high foot traffic, you should consider looking for durable rug material that does not require much maintenance. Remember, there is no rule in choosing the perfect rug. It’s all about matching and proportioning how you want your space to feel with the combination of furniture. To not make a space seem out of place, leaving at least 600mm to 900mm of room around the edges of the rug can tie in the home furniture, making it look less floaty.


If you are aware, you may notice the fibers on each rug that are tiny loops woven into the rug’s backing. The loops we called rug piles. The rug pile height is the distance from the top surface of the loops to the rug backing. There are generally two types of rug pile height: High Pile Rug and Low Pile Rug. The rug pile height directly determines the durability of a rug.

We recommend a high pile rug that features long fibers and loops, soft in texture to be placed in areas with low traffic, for instance, your bedroom area since it tends to be a bit more difficult to vacuum and maintain. On the other hand, low pile rug features tight fibers that are low to the ground. Although it is easier to take care of, we usually advise clients to position it in a living area where high foot traffic happens.

Rug Materials


Wool Rug – Most durable rug material available. It does not cause skin sensitivity since it is a natural material. Suitable for families with kids. Our tweed design KOBINA rug, made of 70% wool and 30% Viscose, is cozy and manageable.

Viscose Rug – Synthetic textile with a soft and luxurious silk-like texture. Easy to clean and maintain. Consider our latest ORIANA rug made of 100% Viscose in a neutral earthy tone that goes well in almost any space.

Cow Hide Rug – Made with genuine cowhides. Check out our 100% natural cowhide collections.

How to maintain your rugs

Proper care can help to extend the life of your rug. Of course, depending on the pile and materials, some rugs may need additional care, but the essential tips below help your rug look fresh and new.

‧ Apply a rug protector that can repel liquids and block stains.

‧ Use furniture pads under the legs of furniture to prevent indentions from your rugs.

‧ Use rug pads under your rug to avoid folding and moving.

‧ Rotate your rug occasionally to ensure it even wears.

‧ Clean up spills immediately with a clean and dry cloth.

‧ Vacuum regularly and arrange yearly professional cleaning.

You may wonder :

What type of rug is of the highest quality?

Wool or wool blend composition and rugs with tight weaves tend to have the highest quality.

Should a rug be of similar shades to the floor?

It depends on you; a rug of a lighter shade than your floor can brighten your area and make your room feel more spacious, while a darker shade can make your area cozier and make your space feel smaller.

Should a rug be wider than my sofa?

Yes. A smaller rug may make the proportions of your living area look odd. Therefore, it is advised to go for a larger piece than a smaller one.

What kind of rug is more durable?

Wool and wool blends are made for long-lasting wear. In OVO, we offer a wool blend of Viscose. The combination does not shed easily, reinforces durability and is easier to maintain than wool alone.

All in all, if our ready stocks are different from what you are looking for, customization is available. Let us know your needs, and we can customize a bespoke rug to tie in your interior decoration. Our interior designer is here to give you their two cents worth. Visit our showroom or WhatsApp us for more details.

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