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The ACACIA curve stool is a meticulously crafted and enchanting accent piece, skillfully fashioned from naturally finished suar wood. Available in two sizes, it effortlessly transforms into a captivating stool or a remarkable table bench. Each piece bears the artistic touch of skilled artisans, resulting in delightful variations in color, size, and pattern, ensuring its individuality. The graceful curved silhouette, adorned with an asymmetrical curve, adds to its allure and sophistication. The natural finish showcases the mesmerizing grain of the acacia wood, while the hand-rubbed natural oil imparts a lustrous matte sheen that deepens with time, infusing it with character and charm.

ACACIA curve stool

SKU: 303E280010030001
  • Dimensions

    w350 x d900 x h400mm






    Acacia Wood