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  • How practicing meditation helps foster inner peace

    Singing Bowl Also known as “standing bells”, with a nature similar to that of a bell. It is believed that singing bowl can be used as a focal point for meditation. Place the singing bowl near your chakra or on top of a specific area of your body, and rely on the resonance of the bowl’s harmonic vibrations to create balance and encourage relaxation. Playing a singing bowl before meditating allows the brain to synchronize with the sound frequencies and

  • Relax And Get Rid Of Negative Energy

    30 Sep 2021 As one of the most ancient energy tools, a singing bowl is a quintessential tool for meditation Carefully selected for their acoustic qualities, our singing bowls are made of a combination of seven The bowl comes with a wooden mallet, which has a leather wrap and hand-sewn cushion. With the mallet, sit the bowl on your open palm; you are meant to strike the bowl, or hold the wooden Explore our selections of new and vintage bowls in stores; get it for your home to awaken your spiritual

  • Embrace Your Inner Peace With Buddha Arts

    The Mandalay-style Buddha and Monks set is carved in bronze and shows his stillness by holding round bowls Whether blissfully seated on a ring or peacefully standing on a lotus base, these artistic bronze sculptures

  • Gifts for Dad of different personalities

    Since Father’s day is approaching, plan something to spend with dad, get him a gift and spoil him like a King on this special day to reciprocate his love.

  • Why Solid Wood Furniture

    If your piece of furniture starts to show wear or minor damage, such as dings and scratches, it can be To avoid rings and heat damage, always use coasters when setting glasses or mugs on wood tables, and

  • Tips For Choosing the Perfect Rug

    and loops, soft in texture to be placed in areas with low traffic, for instance, your bedroom area since It does not cause skin sensitivity since it is a natural material. Suitable for families with kids.

  • Kenneth Cobonpue’s STAR WARS Collection

    The Imperial Wings chair is arguably the coolest, because it looks like a TIE fighter -- the quick and deadly single-seat spacecraft of the Imperial Fleet.

  • Chinese New Year Home Decor Ideas

    Lotus seeds are symbolic signs of improved fertility, mandarins, chocolate coins, and melon seeds for

  • Autumn Interior Makeover

    Don't forget to pick a warm-hued light bulb since it has a richer and cozier effect to the interior setting

  • Ottoman vs Coffee Table: Which is the Better Choice for Your Living Room?

    For families with kids, ottomans would be a better choice since the corners of the tool are not as sharp

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