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  • How practicing meditation helps foster inner peace

    Singing Bowl Also known as “standing bells”, with a nature similar to that of a bell. It is believed that singing bowl can be used as a focal point for meditation. Place the singing bowl near your chakra or on top of a specific area of your body, and rely on the resonance of the bowl’s harmonic vibrations to create balance and encourage relaxation. Playing a singing bowl before meditating allows the brain to synchronize with the sound frequencies and

  • Relax And Get Rid Of Negative Energy

    30 Sep 2021 As one of the most ancient energy tools, a singing bowl is a quintessential tool for meditation Carefully selected for their acoustic qualities, our singing bowls are made of a combination of seven The bowl comes with a wooden mallet, which has a leather wrap and hand-sewn cushion. With the mallet, sit the bowl on your open palm; you are meant to strike the bowl, or hold the wooden Explore our selections of new and vintage bowls in stores; get it for your home to awaken your spiritual

  • Embrace Your Inner Peace With Buddha Arts

    The Mandalay-style Buddha and Monks set is carved in bronze and shows his stillness by holding round bowls Whether blissfully seated on a ring or peacefully standing on a lotus base, these artistic bronze sculptures

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