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We offer a wide range of interior design options for our prestigious clients by providing art consultancy, custom made furniture and furniture consultancy to make your dream home a reality.

Our design team is ready to help and
ensure your goals and ideas are accomplished.

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Interior Styling

Whether it’s a quick restyling of your home or a complete transformation, we have something to offer any homeowner. Perfect for busy professionals who don’t have time to trawl through extensive website lists or catalogues. Simply drop by for a quick chat and see how we can turn your dream home into reality


Furniture Consultancy

We offer furniture consultancy services for homeowners to ensure that interior design schemes and concepts can be brought to life. This quick and effective furniture consultancy service is perfect for busy professionals who do not have time to trawl through extensive website lists or brochures.

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Interior Design

With over 19 years of experience, we are confident in providing an extensive luxury interior styling service. operating on extensive projects from residential apartments to commercial show flats, from the perspective of home décor, textiles, color, art, lighting, fixtures, beds and other assorted arrangements. We are particularly well known for luxury homes with our meticulous attention to detail from proposal to the final stages of a project.


Art Consultancy

We specialize in art consultation and interior design. we aim to provide expert and comprehensive advice on the acquisition of furniture, furnishings and art. adaptable to projects of any scale, along with creativity, expertise and service to clients; we will work with your current or future design plans to create a custom solution for your environment.

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Furniture Packages

We provide the most exceptional platform for turning your ideas into reality. we allow you to customize every single option; whether it’s size, color, or materials, we got it covered, you can even mix and match trim options and seam styles. we offer a range of furniture packages to suit every theme, style and size of premises with competitive prices. We have worked with Hong Kong’s leading property developers to define, furnish and stage numerous show flats.


Rental Service

As an alternative to buying furniture, renting allows you the flexibility of furnishing your space with select items; it is a quick, convenient and economical alternative to buying furniture. There’s a wide selection for every lifestyle; great furnishings for every budget and also a huge range of décor options that are ideal for the entire home or individual rooms. Alongside our professional advice, our rental service gives you the flexibility to manage your project without over committing your budget.

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Welcome Packages

We offer professional welcome kits, customized according to your business needs. sophisticated coupons are specially designed for your company. This in turn is the best way to grow your business reputation and enhance customer relations. We will be happy to clarify any doubts you may have.

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There is a multitude of things to consider
from layout, practical needs, colour scheme and style to textiles, furniture, lighting and decorative elements, let alone where to source these – and how and at what stages these all come together. An interior designer brings invaluable expertise and perspective to the process, making it cohesively co-ordinated at every step of the way.

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