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Instant Increase In Home Value With Professional Home Staging

15 Mar 2022

Whether you've got a home you'd like to sell or a place you'd like to rent, people may be more likely to take to a place if they can picture actually living in it. For a house owner, rental furniture can be a great option for temporary home staging. For developers, staging a house prior to selling it is one of the best investments you can make to ensure it gets a quick offer and achieves the highest sales value.

As a flat owner, you may have considered the procedures of staging home can be frustrating and takes time to figure out where the furniture should be placed, to what extent the spaces can be furnished and decorated and be sure all furniture pieces can fit. Without tremendous guesswork, staging also makes a home look more "move-in ready" . A flat owner can just sit back and relax when leaving all the rest of the parts for furniture consultants to help with space planning.

Better selection in furniture decor

Picking those that fit with the flow of the interior and not overdoing it, the whole process involves redecorating, rearranging furniture, to present the home in the best possible light. Using pieces that can fit the appearance of the house or apartment, furniture consultant will advise you what furniture you can choose for décor, so as to the flat owners can alleviate their stress. Creating a comfortable hub is much more important because people are staying in their homes for long periods of time, especially when using it for home offices or working there during the pandemic.

The furniture consultant will also swing back in and up-styled your home using your furnishings and accessories to the best advantage and so the home owners can visualize their dream home come true. Looking into the good side and the dark side of the space, the interior designers use different sizes and proportions of furniture for outlining clear space division. Highlighting the space can also hide some limitations caused by the environment. Rearranging accessories can instead adjust the room’s living lifestyle and the whole atmosphere of the indoor area, particularly using some manifesting items, e.g. ancient statues and modern wall paintings that can already make a sharp difference.

Attention to detail

Making small changes to a room can always have a big impact on its ambience to maintain a good balance.

Fresh looking furniture helps to elevate the entire room. When home staging, we also like to add an element of surprise through art with a variety of colours and visual styles. That includes details of everything from choosing a perfect colour palette to styling each room to make a comfy gush. The designers use the variance of colour, the visual relationship between size and space to tune out the best atmosphere. This is why some interior designers focus on the artwork, aesthetic décor and emphasise on furniture matching.

Even accessories can also make a big difference, such as scented oil diffusers and candles are always a good idea to create a warm welcoming environment. For better sensation and texture concerns, furniture consultants can always use scented candles and some unique materials for building a consistent home styling and creating the space that can impress people.