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To keep your furniture in tip-top condition in the Spring seasons

13 April 2022

In Spring, the weather with changing seasons can be wet and disturbing.

It is necessary to maintain and protect the furniture of different materials such as metal coffee tables to prevent the furniture from becoming aged and moldy. Let us now explore some ways to treat furniture made of different materials, even during the seasons when temperature and humidity change.

Wooden furniture

Solid wood furniture is susceptible to moisture. After purchased, we should wipe the exterior of the furniture with a dry cloth. If the surface has not been specially treated after purchase, it is best to apply a layer of protection oil.

For wood veneer furniture, we should beware of the moisture that seeps through the surface or is loosened by a finish to change its overall opacity. As time goes by, the wood decays and the furniture's surface gets damaged due to contact with water.

The tip to prevent such is to keep room humidity below 55%. Use a dehumidifier, air conditioner or fan to keep room humidity low. Please leave a little distance between the furniture and the walls to help ventilation and minimize it from getting moldy. If you are using a dehumidifier, be sure to empty the water container frequently to maintain perfect hygiene.

Fabric furniture

It is always not easy to determine whether the fabric furniture is wet just by the surface because it is very likely that moisture has penetrated through the gaps of the fabric. It is advised to use a dehumidifier near the furniture during the changing seasons to prevent it from getting too much in touch with moisture, especially when it can also be a breeding ground for mold growth.

Keep the air circulated. Turn on a fan and open all the windows in the room for a strong cross breeze. This will help strong air circulation. When choosing fabric furniture that can sustain in Spring, It is recommended to select Aquaclean fabrics with SAFE FRONT protection.

Leather furniture

Moisture in leather furniture can easily lead to rapid aging and even deformation of leather. It is suggested to wipe using a rag frequently so that once it gets wet, you can wipe off the surface moisture with a soft dry cloth.

Generally, you may use a damp cloth, wring it out and wipe it with light circular motions to wipe off the dust & sweat, followed by patting dry. You can simply clean it once a week. Remember that the surface should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Long-term exposure will cause the moisture to be absorbed, resulting in dryness and discoloration. In addition, keep it ventilated and dry. Do not cover the leather sofa, especially if it is covered with an unclean cloth, as it may cause the sofa to become moldy.

Metal Furniture

Although most of the metal furniture materials are stainless steel or have been treated with anti-rust, they should still be placed in a dry and ventilated place to prevent contact with water.

If rust spots appear on wrought iron furniture, it should be repainted in time. If the protective layer is destroyed, it will start to rust, discolour or develop a rough surface through the process of oxidation.

One of the ways to prevent metal furniture from rusting is to treat them with wax. It provides a barrier to protect the furniture surface from getting in contact with water. You may also purchase alloys with anti-rust treatment, galvanized wrought iron furniture or stainless steel metal furniture, which are less likely to rust and require you less hassle in maintenance.

Humidity control

1. Maintain proper humidity

You can turn on the dehumidifier or air conditioner to help reduce the number of dust mites and protect furniture from getting moldy easily.

2. Turn on a fan

If you do not have a dehumidifier at home, you should instead turn on a fan for better air circulation and keep the living space dry.

3. Let sunlight get into the house

Open the curtains and windows to allow sunlight to enter the house (avoid direct exposure to the furniture). This helps to kill bacteria that live in dust.

With the above tips from our furniture advisor, you should have better knowledge by now on how to maintain your home furniture of different materials in Spring.


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