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Cosial is based partly on the functional principle of other models from our Compact category. It features a horizontal seat, vertical back, and cushions in an envelope style. An easy conversion-method from sofa to bed makes it a unique piece of furniture that automatically fold out its legs, simply providing a large and comfortable sleeping surface for two persons. Further, it is an appropriate sofa for three persons and guest bed for two when you have friends or family spending the night. Available in three compact sizes – 80 cm, 140 cm, 160 cm & 180 cm.

COSIAL sofa bed

SKU: 301I090520010001
PriceFrom HK$16,915.00
  • Dimensions

    Cosial 140: w1730 x d1100 x h850 mm

    Seat height: 440 mm

    (mattress size: 1950 x 1400 mm)

    Cosial 160: w1930 x d1100 x h850 mm

    Seat height: 440 mm

    (mattress size: 1950 x 1600 mm)



    #357 TAURA, Off white / Customizable



    Fabric / Foam / Metal