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The GIMO screen is a visually captivating room divider that combines geometric shapes and warm tones to create a distinct atmosphere in any space. Its waved black metal structure, resembling a honeycomb pattern, features columns of alternating hexagons attached to the poles. The panels of the screen can rotate independently, providing the freedom to create various patterns and visual points of interest in the room. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the GIMO screen offers functional versatility, allowing you to easily open or close a space by adjusting the orientation of the panels. With its unique design and practicality, the GIMO screen is a standout choice for enhancing the ambiance and functionality of any room.

GIMO screen

SKU: 318A590010010001
HK$24,800.00 Regular Price
HK$21,080.00Sale Price
  • Dimensions
    w1870 x d540 x h1950mm






    Reconstituted leather/ metal 

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