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Introducing the LEDGE side cabinet, a handcrafted masterpiece in wood that exudes warmth and sophistication. With its Zen simplicity, this cabinet offers a harmonious blend of design and functionality. The wooden structure provides sturdy support and seamlessly integrates into the overall aesthetic. The slightly curved, extruded door handles add a touch of elegance. Its sleek lines, carved edges, and refined details make it a standout storage unit in any setting. With customizable options for sizes, wood color, and configuration, the LEDGE side cabinet is perfect for large halls or sophisticated living rooms. Experience the perfect balance of style and practicality with this exceptional piece.

LEDGE side cabinet

SKU: 305S010099999999
  • Dimensions

    w1800 x d550 x h850mm / customizable



    walnut 04 / customizable



    wood / customizable