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The LONG shoe cabinet embodies stylish organization for your well-maintained shoes. Crafted with natural wood veneered doors and a sturdy structure, it emanates a comforting warmth that complements urban living. Its ample storage space and hidden door handle exude sleek sophistication, seamlessly blending with any interior style. Personalize it to your liking with customizable options for size, wood color, and configuration, showcasing your unique style. With its sleek and compact design, the LONG shoe cabinet effortlessly maximizes storage in narrow spaces, making it perfect for your hallway. Transform your space into an organized and stylish area with its unparalleled elegance.

LONG shoe cabinet

SKU: 306S010039999999
  • Dimensions

    w800 x d380 x h900mm



    Oak 14 / customizable



    Wood  / customizable