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Experience the captivating allure of the NIAOR Bed, a masterpiece that beautifully blends Eastern elegance with exquisite craftsmanship. Drawing inspiration from traditional Chinese wall decorations, the headboard boasts intricate marquise-shaped wooden designs and fascinating patterns. Meanwhile, the frame gracefully mimics the curves of a Japanese torii gate. From the tapered curved legs to the solid wood structure, every detail reflects remarkable refinement. The bed frame, predominantly in black, adds an element of sophistication, infusing your space with a subtle and rustic charm in our digitally-driven world. With customizable options in various wood colors and sizes, the NIAOR Bed becomes a personalized sanctuary of timeless beauty.


SKU: 315S010109999999
  • Dimensions

    w2080 x l2060 x h1225mm (customizable)



    Ash 04 (customizable)



    Wood (customizable)