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The PETRIFIED WOOD side table is a fascinating fusion of nature's timeless artistry and skilled craftsmanship. Crafted from centuries-old fossilized wood, this exquisite piece is a testament to the ages. With preserved organic colors, textures, and markings, it showcases the breathtaking beauty of petrified wood. Each table is a unique work of art, sourced from sustainable and reclaimed materials, celebrating the rustic charm and imperfections that add character. Hand-polished to a smooth surface and adorned with a sturdy crossed metal base, it harmoniously combines strength and elegance. Whether placed in an office, living room, bedroom, or even a bathroom, it is believed to possess healing qualities and radiate positive energy, making it an exceptional addition that enhances your surroundings


SKU: 323I140050010001
HK$10,800.00 Regular Price
HK$7,560.00Sale Price
  • Dimensions

    w450 x d450 x h350 mm

    w450 x d450 x h480mm






    Petrified wood/ Iron