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With its soft, cozy upholstery fabric and beautifully detailed, the STRIPE bed is the epitome of luxury and comfort. The channel-tufted high headboard of this bed provides excellent support while lounging or sitting up in bed, allowing you to indulge in your favorite activities with ease. Designed for those seeking a modern and elegant bedroom aesthetic, the STRIPE bed features a footboard resting on low solid wood legs, adding to its overall appeal. It is versatile and fully customizable, offering options for size, additional storage, and fabric upholstery to blend with your interior décor seamlessly.


SKU: 315S010159999999
PriceFrom HK$23,600.00
  • Dimensions

    w1360 x d2130 x h1300mm  

    w1660 x d2130 x h1300mm 

    w1970 x d2130 x h1300mm  




    oak 10, light grey (customizable)



    fabric, foam, wood  (customizable)