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The VISTA shelf is a work of art for self-expressionists. Inspired by the beauty of nature wood, it brings an organic touch to your space. With its bold and linear pattern, the VISTA shelf perfectly balances minimalistic structure and decorative slats. The semi-visible sliding door adds an element of intrigue, while clean lines exude confidence in an understated manner. The black mirror cabinet backing adds depth and visual interest, creating a mesmerizing illusion that enhances your display. Customizable in size and wood color, you can tailor the internal configuration to suit your individual preferences. Elevate your space with style and perfection through the VISTA shelf.

VISTA shelf

SKU: 308S010149999999
  • Dimensions

    w1300 x d375 x h1700mm / customizable



    oak 1403 / customizable



    wood , mirror / customizable

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