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Chinese New Year Home Decor Ideas

11 Jan 2023

OVO Chinese New Year Home Decor Ideas Blog

OVO Chinese New Year Confectionery Candy Box

What can you think of to decorate your home during the Chinese New Year? What kind of home accessories you should add for a festive flair? In this blog, we summarize a list of auspicious items that can amp up your space and wow your guests during gatherings.

OVOGarden Chinese New Year Flower Arrangement

Flower Blossoms

Have a good start with the smells of fresh flowers at your doorstep. In Chinese traditions, it is believed that certain flowers hold auspicious significance to our living; the common ones are lucky bamboo, Peonies, Narcissus and Pussy Willows, which are said to bring good fortunes, fresh beginnings and prosperity. Of course, home decor won’t be complete without a decorative vase to hold the bouquet. Shop our vase range from exquisite glassware, ornamental metal, beautiful ceramic and earthy stoneware that perfectly complements both interior and outdoor furnishing. Brighten up your space and turn your home more lively in the festive season.

OVO Mini Water Fountain

Water Fountain brings wealth and prosperity.

In Chinese saying, “水為財” means water fetches wealth and prosperity. Fountains invite water elements into your home, which in turn brings in water element qualities in life. It is believed to encourage wealth and cash flow when put near the home entrance. The auspicious home decor produces a soothing water-flowing sound which can guide the neuronal waves in our brain, allowing for a calming effect and psychological benefits.

OVO Confectionery Candy Box

Confectionery Candy Box

To welcome your guests, a bright red or golden candy box filled with assorted confectioneries and nuts will surely be included. Red traditionally symbolizes good fortune and joy while gold represents success and achievement, with segments filled with sweet and savory treats with auspicious meanings. Lotus seeds are symbolic signs of improved fertility, mandarins, chocolate coins, and melon seeds for wealth. When there is food, you sure need a tissue. How about a golden tissue box to deck up your coffee table and add an extra flair this festive?

OVO BRANDY 17 Cushion

Cushions in Red Fabrics

Displaying red fabric cushions is another instant way to create a Chinese New Year vibe. Try decorating your sofa with our red and purple fabric cushions. Purple signifies an auspicious hue that attracts luck, wealth and fame.

Get your look: BRANDY Cushion.

To make your guests feel comfortable, make sure there are enough seats for everyone. Red stackable chairs such as SAIL, the designer piece, is perfect.

From our hearts, we wish everyone luck, love and health this Chinese New Year!

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