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Get Your Home CNY-Ready With 5 Home Décor

11 Jan 2022

As we celebrate the beginning of 2022, we turn our attention to the Lunar Calendar. It’s time to clean out the old and welcome the new. A long-observed tradition, this holiday season is upon us and brings with it family gatherings, the festive spirit and change.

Here are some of the featured signature pieces that bring absolute comfort to your home decorations. More than just festivities and good food, the mark of Lunar New Year is a very significant one. Filled with history and many traditions, you’ll see that Lunar New Year is well-reserved and should be enhanced by contemporary design furniture.

Search For Your Ideal Furniture And Cultural Decor

Every visit starts with a warm greeting, and furnishings with Chinese culture have always been the décor of choice. Most decor which expresses blessings is meant to usher good fortune into one’s home. We’ll now take a look at how to introduce the Chinese New Year spirit into your home through stunning furniture pieces designed by OVO, which can declutter space and create a festive mood of the season.