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Get Your Home CNY-Ready With 5 Home Décor

11 Jan 2022

As we celebrate the beginning of 2022, we turn our attention to the Lunar Calendar. It’s time to clean out the old and welcome the new. A long-observed tradition, this holiday season is upon us and brings with it family gatherings, the festive spirit and change.

Here are some of the featured signature pieces that bring absolute comfort to your home decorations. More than just festivities and good food, the mark of Lunar New Year is a very significant one. Filled with history and many traditions, you’ll see that Lunar New Year is well-reserved and should be enhanced by contemporary design furniture.

Search For Your Ideal Furniture And Cultural Decor

Every visit starts with a warm greeting, and furnishings with Chinese culture have always been the décor of choice. Most decor which expresses blessings is meant to usher good fortune into one’s home. We’ll now take a look at how to introduce the Chinese New Year spirit into your home through stunning furniture pieces designed by OVO, which can declutter space and create a festive mood of the season.

1. Stretch Collection

This is a Stretch Collection with contemporary designs. It blends well with modern interiors, and they are all genuine statement pieces. The cabinet collection is extendable for flexible use as an excellent combination for different home settings that is good for storage and rearranging space for visitors to come during the holiday. It can be changed from rectangular to L-shape. Its material is solid ashwood with brass handles and carved as natural wood in beautiful dark-tinted colors, making each piece truly unique. On top of the wood, it has a whitewashing effect covered with dark brown colour that shows the natural wood patterns at the surface. Dark cabinetry with quality design offers a strong contrast against light countertops and walls.

2. COMO Collection

The collection with TV units and bookshelf is in solid ashwood with handcrafted polish, with curved edges that are high end and fashionable. The sideboard adds storage without overwhelming any space held with its sleek and elevated frame that is more structural. Featuring handles that are well-embedded in the design is understated. The bookshelf is all handmade, which is worth the price. Good aesthetic design goes with great functionality.

3. Water Fountain

Water fountains have also been traditionally used in Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of arranging living spaces, as a way to tune your home to be more positive. A fountain adds water (prosperity), movement (energy flow), and sound (a life force energy enhancer) to a space. The water fountain has its own various signature elements, including round balls, mini-garden with views, pebbles and fountains for purchase.

4. Candy Box

Following traditional Chinese culture, this candy box with a coin contour design that contains different trays for putting candies and nuts for visitors as a symbol of sweetness and optimism for the year to come. The crystals on the candy box are affixed with golden leaves, and some of them are lacquered with Japanese gold oil. It is from Uruguay and South America. The material of the Lacquer box is solid with a simple texture with refined details. These exquisitely decorated containers are as essential as a part of the celebration.

5. Ceramic Tea Set with Bamboo Placemat

Serve tea with this elegant yet Chinese ceramic tea set that is classic and timeless in your living room, particularly with a bamboo placemat. It adds a minimalist element into your interior as a versatile accessory to incorporate into your dining space - mix and match with colorful dishes for an eye-catching curation that can impress your guests with a warm welcome.

Stylish furniture can make your home an ultimate and glamourous reborn for a representation of a new year to start. Bring your living and working spaces to life with OVO tastefully selected collection of high quality and affordable decor.


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