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Dining Table Good Choice for Small Families

30 Aug 2022

OVO custom-made solutions help you custom-made your dining furniture

OVO custom-made solutions help you custom-made your dining furniture

With astronomical prices in Hong Kong housings and the fact that there are increasing numbers of nano flats. Most families do not have enough bedrooms, not to mention having their dining room. Under restrained living spaces, families use corners of their living areas to fit in their dining furniture. Some even take coffee tables as their dining furniture. Alerted by the situation, we have come out with end-users friendly furniture, including dining tables, to keep up with the demand. We will walk you through to give you more ideas on small dining tables so that you are more informed before making a wise decision.

Extendable Dining Table

Extendable tables will be a good choice if you prefer a concrete dining table instead of one that can hide. You can place the dining table in one corner and enjoy your family meals, or use it as a desk when you work from home. Also, extend the table leaves for a more sizeable tabletop to welcome your guests during gatherings. More extendable dining tables can be found in our previous blog, “How To Choose The Right Dining Table For Your Home”.

Natural Wood Dining Table

NEXA Round Dining Table, fits a family of 4-6, comes in two sizes, is lightweight and fits most living spaces. The table shape is highlighted with a lighter sapwood, and tapering cast iron legs are sand-casted with recycled materials. The surface texture is sculpted by hand with solid French wood, creating an organic feel and calming effect on your interior.

CORTO Dining Table, fits a family of 4, lightweight and made with dark brown ash wood, Scandinavian style focusing on simplicity, minimalism and functionality. It is warm and inviting. The round-cornered tabletop is a safe choice, especially for families with children.

OVO customizable round dining table with glass table top and wooden base

Modern Mid-Century Style Dining Table

GAO Dining Table, fully customizable design to fit your living size in the color and material you prefer. It imposes a crossover of oriental inspiration and modern flavor. Made of wooden arc-shaped legs and a tempered round glass top to open up the space and make the room feel less cluttered.

OVO custom-made dining table

FRAME Dining Table, a contemporary upgrade and made-to-order design to suit your living space. It comes with storage drawers which you may keep your tablewares at your convenience. Choose a wide range of marble pattern tabletop with your choice of natural wooden legs.

Versatile Bar Table

A bar table is space-saving and ideal for homes with limited space. It takes up less space than traditional dining tables. It can act as a dining table where you can have a glass of wine to chill and relax. Especially suitable for couples who do not usually cook and prefer casual dining. Its modern elements give you an instant enhancement to your interiors. You may also want a custom-made bar table with additional storage units that can store your necessities, with caster wheels for easy movement.

This BUFFET II bar table is formed with durable iron frames. Its Blanco Carrara tabletop can be a lovely photo background setting for your delicious foods and drinks. Easy to maintain and fits well with almost any home furnishings. The design is fully customizable to fit your space.

Custom-made Dining Table

Custom-made dining table with drawer

OVO interior designer advised getting a functional table that can be used for multiple purposes. One can be extended as a dining table, tucked away as an occasional table or a display table. Put a bouquet vase to highlight your interior aesthetic during regular time and let it create romance during your meal.

Custom-made bar table

You need not panic if you cannot find the right dining table. Customization can definitely ease your worry besides the size and shape. You can request to add storage where you can fit in wines and condiments. Choose the kind of finish you would want it to be. Wooden top, glass top or marble top, wooden legs or metal legs, all at your preference.

OVO custom-made solutions help you custom-made your dining furniture

OVO custom-made solutions help you tailor-made furniture and home décor of your choice. You can provide us with an image of your desired furniture or home décor. Our furniture advisor and interior designer can help you with the measurement and give you space optimization advice to ensure it fits your space perfectly. You can choose from our rich selection of materials and fabrics. Our furniture advisor will guide you and recommend more long-lasting and season-friendly choices. Read more on Reasons Why Custom-Made Furniture Is A Better Option.

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