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Customizing furniture is still the trend

20 July 2022

OVO custom-made furniture service

OVO custom-made furniture service

Customizing furniture allows us to discuss with the furniture designer how we want the end furniture to be and what material to be used. There is no other alternative than custom-made furniture if we want the furniture to fit nicely, blend well with our home interior, and stay as long as our next home make-over.


More time for interior styling

It saves us from spending time shopping around for ready-made furniture and having a headache finding the most suitable dimension to fit. After discussing with the furniture designer our space dimensions and requirements for the appearance and configuration of the custom-made furniture, we can rest assured to leave the process to our trusted furniture designer. We can then use the saved time to shop for home accessories to decorate our interior.

OVO MIRA Cabinets

Create cohesion in home styling

Identifying the style that we want is often the hardest decision. We can gather images of your ideal home and present them to our interior or furniture designer to help us style our home with a collection of furniture which can create a more cohesive flow. Adopt a 60-30-10 color rule while choosing the color themes; 60% of the space is to be covered by the dominating color, 30% by the secondary color, while accent wall or flooring should cover the remaining 10%. With this rule, it eventually delivers an effortless color balance in our home setting.

OVO interior styling service

OVO PISA L-shaped sofa

Upholstery of Custom-Made Furniture

Apart from choosing from the existing array of furniture styles, colors, finishes, and fabrics OVO offers, customers can bring their preferred choice of upholstery fabrics to OVO for customization. In addition, OVO offers showrooms with custom-made furniture displays to give customers a better visual and touch on how the qualities of the customized pieces will be.

OVO interior design service

Personalize furniture to reflect our taste and accommodate our lifestyle. Custom-made furniture helps to optimize our home space and re-style with a total refreshing ambience at a much more affordable price. It is always advisable to request all available choices of fabrics or material samples to decide on. No rush once we have confirmed the fabric or material. OVO designers will work on the mood boards for our confirmation. Everything should be to our satisfaction. Get a free consultation here to change for a better living today.

OVO custom-made furniture service

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