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Embrace Your Inner Peace With Buddha Arts

24 Jan 2022

Buddha art decor is a simplified and down-to-earth method that helps us live a good life without too much stress. To think of decorating your home with some art decor ideas for a good energy flow, some might think of the Buddha decor art or little Monk statues. When we see any kind of Buddhist art, it is often associated with positive feelings of peace, harmony, balance, and tranquillity.

The Buddha art paintings and statues have become a popular showcase for interior decorating in many homes of both Buddhists and non-believers. Check out our artistic options that are highly ranked to decorate your home:

1. The White Marble Buddha

This stunning Buddha sculpture captures Buddha in blissful meditation with his hands resting in his lap in the dhyana mudra of meditation with the soles of his feet facing skyward in the full lotus position. It is all handmade carved from high-quality white marble, and each piece is unique with good polishing contrast with the matte finish on the body. Also shown in the pictures, the Perfection Guanyin, the Great Bodhisattva, and the Maitreya Buddha with admirable serene impressions.

2. Antique Buddha

Antique Buddha statues hold different meanings for different people according to their beliefs. For example, some may regard them as having great religious and spiritual importance. In contrast, some may consider these statues as valuable pieces of rich history and take them as gems of their collections. These 18th and 19th Century Shan and Mandalay-style Buddha statues are dry lacquered and gilt with a youthful, sweet-faced image of the Buddha wearing a robe elaborately folded, edged and decorated. The Buddha's heads with relaxed eyebrows and soft smiles signify peace, fortune, harmony and contemplation. They also provide symbolic gestures of concentration and inspiration for the meditation enthusiast.

3. Bronze Buddha and Monks

The Mandalay-style Buddha and Monks set is carved in bronze and shows his stillness by holding round bowls. They are indicative of being stationary, with both feet planted firmly. Yet, behind the serene and quiet of this imposing standing Buddha composition is a life of keen perception and profound leaps of faith.

A pair of antique Bronze Monk statues in Mandalay style seated with closed eyes sitting on a lotus base is calm and a powerful motivational reminder.

4. Modern Bronze Guanyin sculpture

The name Guan Yin means "Observing sounds of all the suffering of the World". Whether blissfully seated on a ring or peacefully standing on a lotus base, these artistic bronze sculptures show the goddess of mercy and compassion. She is highly respected and bringing in tranquillity and harmony to your abode. Its delicacy and unusual design with limited production make art collectors a fascinating prospect.

5. Paintings

Buddha images have always been gracefully artistic, representing long-lasting peace when added to the living rooms, showing some recognisable and oblivious lightness. Paintings with healing hands in various gestures symbolise positive energy, abundance and purity.

6. Monk

- Stone Monk

Made out of natural cast stone, the Joyful Samanera cute little Buddhist statues depict a serenity colour in grey. The rather groovy petite figures recommended in feng shui deliver a joyful smile and growing peace.

With sitting or standing positions to choose from, the dark coloured stone Little Monk series with a meditative mood maintains a sense of security in life and ensures blessed luck. Both series is suitable for indoors and outdoors. They are not only a cute detail for home décor but meaningful tools to attain happiness.

- Ceramic Monk

The Yuan series of ceramic white little monk figurines with detailed craftsmanship bearing good fortune and happiness, along with his sacredly symbolic presence, these Zen little monk figurines will make a difference in any space. Love and nurture these tiny Buddhist idols as they embrace you and your loved ones with an abundance of cuteness and laughter!

Connect with Buddhist arts to create peaceful energy and a positive vibe for your home and office with our Buddha art collection!


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