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Sofa Maintenance Tips - How to keep your fabric sofa in good condition

17 Aug 2022

OVO Blog how to keep your fabric sofa in good condition

OVO fabric sofa

In recent years, we found demands for fabric upholstery sofas. Customers constantly seek upholstery that can hold up to their modern-day life with pets, kids and activities. With the help of technology, we are pleased that fabrics nowadays can be as durable and functional as leather. If you are looking for a sofa replacement right now, read on to learn more about its maintenance to help you keep your sofa last longer.

Choose a machine washable or easy-to-clean sofa fabric upholstery

functional fabric upholstery, pet-friendly and you can clean stains with only water. Smooth to touch fabric.

Always choose a machine washable or functional fabric upholstery that you may clean anytime it gets dirty. We recommend the Aquaclean fabric selection, allowing you to clean stains using water only, saving time and trouble. If you have pets and kids at home and you are concerned about scratches and furs trapping. You can now live worry-free with the Aquaclean Extreme fabrics that are smooth to the touch, and you will feel effortless in getting rid of hairs trapped. Besides, your family will be protected against skin allergies with its safe front measures. Visit our stores to touch the hand feel of these comfortable, innovative fabrics.

Swap sofa cushions on a regular basis

Swap cushions on a regular basis

Make it a habit to puff up the cushions every time you leave the sofa; change cushions occasionally for a fresh new look.

Avoid sofa from direct exposure to sunlight

Avoid sofa from direct exposure to sunlight

Always choose to position your sofa away from direct exposure to sunlight. Make sure to draw your curtains or blinds when you leave home during the day. Never underestimate how damaging sunlight can cause to your fabric sofa. Letting your sofa play with the sun will only cause your sofa fabric to fade out faster than usual.

Avoid sitting on your sofa armrests. Armrests are only for you to lie your arms on.

Avoid sitting on your sofa armrests

To keep up the shape of your sofa, you should not have the habit of sitting on the sofa armrests. You are only destroying your furniture the moment you do so. Over time, your sofa armrests will be forced out of shape and will never turn back to their original state.

Vacuum your fabric sofa regularly

Vacuum your fabric sofa regularly

Vacuum your sofa with a soft brush attachment in low suction weekly or regularly. You are advised to dry clean your fabric upholstery once in a while.

Lift up your sofa from its base

Always lift up your fabric sofa from its base

Bear in mind to always lift up your fabric sofa from its base, should not lift from the cushions attached, which may cause wear and tear to your sofa, decreasing its lifespan.

Prevention is better than cure. You are advised to know more about how to maintain your fabric sofa from the beginning, nurture your caring habit and try to keep it up. Self-maintenance is always worth investing in than spending on repairs or unnecessary replacements.

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