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Find Your Perfect Sofa

29 Mar 2022

Sofa is one of the most important assets you are likely to invest for your home. It delivers an irreplaceable statement in your living room. It is where you lounge, read, enjoy your cup of red tea, catch up with family and friends, watch your Netflix drama, conquer your Playstation games and even where you likely to take a powerful nap on. Thus, you should not only choose a sofa that matches your living space but also one that matches your daily lifestyle.


Sofa Styles

Sofas with legs are easier to access and maintain, as one does not need to stoop their body low to sit in it. They are raised well above the floor which requires less cleaning and overall maintenance to take care of since they do not collect as much dust and dirt. For individuals who prefer leaning and lounging while watching films, sofa with arms and low back are better for you while sofas with minimal or no arms are more suitable for individuals sitting in etiquette entertaining guests with a coffee table in front.

When we mention cosiness, most people may think of the inner sofa cushioning, and neglect the frame of the sofa, in which the back height, seat depth and sofa dimension constitute overall comfort. Low back height and deep seat depth allow individuals to lounge and rest their heads, exuding a relaxing and informal feel. High back with average seat depth on the other hand offer greater back support and portrait formal feel. Deeper seat depth gives you a larger sofa which can be your perfect soul mate when you need a power nap in the living space. Based on our interior designer’s advice, the optimal sofa dimension should have seat depth between 600mm-700mm and seat height of 400-450mm.

KULU is fitted with sustainable French oak boards using traditional joinery and is accented with wooden butterfly joints. The high legs are hand sculpted in textured surfaces, creating a formal and elegant impression, while MILA has comparatively low legs and is upholstered with no arms, delivering a more casual looking style.

NORRIS is a good choice for individuals who want deeper seating. It has an adjustable headrest with firm back support. You do not have to worry about your muscles being pulled sitting in this ergonomic sofa design.


Although the sofa arms, seat height and seat depth play a part in the overall comfort. The ultimate comfort still depends very much on the inner cushioning that filled up the shape of the sofa. The three basic types of cushioning are feather, foam and fibre.

Feather and Foam filled cushioning

Pure feather cushioning is generally soft and lumpy. In OVO, most of our sofa collection is made using a combination of feather and foam fillings, this is to offer an incredibly plush lounging experience and support as a whole with a lower level of maintenance.

Foam-filled cushioning

Foam-filled requires little to no maintenance while offering the most structured look with crisp edges and a firm supportive feel. It portrays a luxurious uniform outlook and is suitable for individuals who need or prefer firm support.

Fibre-filled cushioning

Fibre-filled is usually made with polyester and this is the inner filling that gives you the ‘sink-in’ feeling of paradise. It is a good alternative for individuals who prefer little maintenance to upkeep the cushioning appearance while offering soft seating at the same time.

DEXTER, a modern approach to classic design, features a modest silhouette with an ultra-plush seat with feathers. Its streamlined design with curved back and armrest form the elegant disposition and luxurious comfort. The bottom is crafted with walnut veneered wood legs.

ARGO, a flattering sofa design with lightness and edge, crafted with Italian leather and metal frame, featuring a streamlined posh design with spring seats that offer ultra-comfortable seating. Loose cushions filled with high resilient foam and feathers that can keep their original form along with time.


Upholstery with Genuine Leather or Functional Fabric

Genuine leather is a natural product, which is usually warm and durable. It has a more formal and posh outlook, requires less effort in maintaining its original shape compared to fabrics. For individuals who have allergies, leather is a wider choice. In OVO, we offer a minimum of 0.9mm-1.2mm thickness of genuine leather range in striving to maintain the top quality that meets most customers’ standards.

Functional Fabrics

There are many types of fabrics around, such as linen, silk and velvet. However, we usually recommend our customers to choose higher-quality fabrics that are as easy to maintain as genuine leather. Introducing 100% Eco-friendly and Perfluorinated Chemicals-Free functional fabrics imported from Europe available in OVO.

AQUACLEAN fabric allows you to water clean stains, even the most stubborn ones. It acts as a stain repellent and a facilitator for cleaning.

AQUACLEAN EXTREME fabric, suitable for households with pets. The functional fabric has a protective coating design that facilitates cleaning and prevents pet claws from digging into the fabric. The Safe Front treatment prevents bacteria and mites proliferation.

Whether you are buying a readymade or a customized sofa, apart from picking one with outer dimensions that fit your living space, you should always look into details like the armrest, seat height and seat depth that may affect the overall sitting experience. Always find a sofa that suits your purpose and lifestyle to sit back and relax on it along the years.

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