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Practical Tips For Choosing A Perfect Dining Chair

22 Feb 2022

In many ways, the dining room is the heart of the home - a space where we nourish ourselves, share company, eat good meals, and have great conversations. Therefore, choosing a perfect set of dining chairs, especially the functionality, is essential to create an inviting space for family and friends. Below you find the practical tips for choosing a better dining chair as a great

match to your dining table.

1. Choose the right chair at the suitable dimension

Dining chairs need to sit comfortably under your dining table with enough room left over for your legs, napkin, formal or informal attire. Most dining tables come standard at 75cm tall. That means your seat height needs to be somewhere in the range of 43-49cm high. However, not all tables are created equal, and some are taller or shorter, so you'll need to adjust accordingly. A good rule of thumb is to leave between 20-25cm, as an optimal height range (scale), between the seat and table.

Allow enough space to the left and right of the dining chairs for each person's elbow room. You don't want too many chairs around your table for the same reason. It shouldn't be necessary to cram chairs together to fit them under the table. You may want your dining guests to get to know one another, but they don't have to be too close.

Armchairs are sumptuous for the table ends where there's more room and give an option for a cozier seat. But if you're short on space, prioritize the seat and back comfort instead of focusing on chairs with arms. Also, make sure the armrests are not brushing or bumping the bottom of the tabletop or upon.

Some armchairs are multipurpose and can use in all kinds of space, especially for those with a simplistic design that can be appealing. The whole chair is padded, including the back and armrest.

2. Shape and design

Pair with a suitable chair to match the shape of the table. It is more than just having random traditional dining chairs. For example, it is not good to fit a round chair with a rectangular or triangular dining table. More likely, to optimize the shape and size of your room, choosing a rectangular or square set of dining chairs can be a safe option to match with any table. Chairs with minimalistic design can

always create the style of the room overall.

Besides, other clever alternative options can be stools and dining benches. Stools can separate rooms before mainstream architecture and design tilt towards open concept houses. Whether you opt for dining benches with a backrest or a corner unit, it will allow you to transform the style of your dining area. You could also pair it alongside dining chairs for mix-and-match seating.

It can also save space while using stools or benches with more flexible arrangements. Stools can open up the houses, tear down barriers, and design to create a welcome and communal atmosphere. And, tuck a dining bench under the table and out of the way if you need more floor space, making it a great space saver. With a dining bench, you can also seat a couple more when you have guests over for dinner, so you don't need to pull up any extra dining chairs.

When choosing tables and chairs, you can ensure if they can complement one another. Sometimes, the colour can undertone the finish, or the level of formality might all be common elements. It can even be a single design feature, such as the legs or feet of a piece of furniture. However, avoid choosing tables and chairs with all of the same characteristics, or you may buy a matching set instead.

3. Mix and match with colours, tones and textures </