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Top 7 Trending Incense And Burners For Your Home Tranquility

03 Jan 2022
Top 7 Trending Incense And Burners For Your Home Tranquility | OVO Blog

Made of plant materials and essential oils, incense is used for ambiance, therapy, and mediation. It can help deepen our attention, heighten our senses and uplift one's own spirit. Incense burners have been varying from traditional incense holders to modern incense burners. And there are some benefits of using Incense & Burners at home:

Aesthetic Décor

The incense holders have evolved and become visually stunning that can act as statement pieces for your living room.

Relaxation Soft fragrances will allow you to give yourself time and space away from the hassles of everyday work. Encourage your mind to stop worrying and racing from one thing to another.

Healthy Concerns The combination of aromatic natural materials like resins, sage, and wood blended with essential oils awakens your five senses—and can sometimes affect your mental or emotional wellbeing with the ancient ritual of burning incense sticks.

So if you're the kind of person who thrives on building a relaxing home, here are the 7 trending aesthetic incense and burners for you to maintain tranquillity.

Rolling Hills Top Incense Burner I&II Rolling Hills Top Incense Burners are beautifully designed with a minimalist finish, adding an elegant accent to any room. Precisely made from brass, those are with the polished top as rolling hills that are smooth and sleek. The upper cover of the incense burners is the ambient and connected hilltops, which shows the beauty of nature with dynamic waves.

Seasoned Flower Burner

and "Qian He" Burner

Seasoned Flower Burner with box craved with flowery patterns are inspired by oriental art. The furnace body is engraved with three-dimensional flowers that are Merlan, Chrysanthemum and Bamboo, which mean 'wealth' by putting the plant elements together. The branches and leaves have a perfect finish on a reticulated layout. There is another style with a similar design as a "Qian He" Burner.

Auspicious Bird Incense Holder

Auspicious Bird Incense Holder is a tin-made incense holder based on traditional Chinese auspicious patterns, showing the scene of the magpies climbing up the blossom in a vintage style. Made of stones, it is meticulously designed with mixed colors.

Long Bi Burner with box

Long Bi Burner with box which is a bronze incense burner designed with the symbol of Chinese dragon as the design theme. The body of the furnace is engraved with auspicious clouds that represent good fortune.

Sandalwood Incense - Lao Shan Sandalwood Incense

Through burning, Lao-Shan Sandalwood can deliver the plant aromatic essence in the air, thus creating a fresh and pleasant atmosphere. The fragrance is long-lasting and relaxes your soul.

Agarwood Incense - Huian Agarwood Incense

The fragrance is cool and sweet with a pure honey floral scent. The scent is transparent and deliberate. Ignite it; it helps calm your mind and body. It regulates the qi, and thus it is your greatest choice to energize the room at leisure.

Sandalwood Incense - TJ Lao Shan Sandalwood Incense

The Laoshan sandalwood tree is more than 100 years old, and the raw materials are of high quality. This sandalwood has a strong milky scent, elegant and sweet, and the unique scent is unforgettable. It is undoubtedly fragrance experts' favourite choice.

Agarwood Incense - TJ An Wen Agarwood Incense

The incense is a more quiet and mellow one that is full of coolness. It has a prolonged fragrance with a strong and tangy aroma. When choosing incense, it is the best for a scented home. It helps your concentration and overcomes daily fatigue.

Long Xian Agarwood Incense

The incense is produced from agarwood that has been valued for centuries. The spiritual significance of aromatic plants was highlighted in ancient times and was often referred to as the "spirit of life" in history. Long Xian Agarwood Incense is one of a kind.

The incense and modern burners can pair up with different fragrances to relax your soul. Decorate your room with an enlightening sense of intellectual touch or ancient oriental mood upon your choice. The best ones are now available in town.


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