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The Ultimate Christmas Guide To Buying Your Furniture & Home Decor Gifts

07 Dec 202

Christmas is around the corner. After the year we've had, it's never been more important to show our loved ones how much we care. It is the best time to appreciate ourselves for a year of challenging work and be grateful for the people around us. So, comparing style or practicality here is a guide for finding gifts for your loved ones, from the affordable to artistic furniture sets.


OVO is introducing two kinds of extendable dining tables and the KULU Collections for the coming festive seasons.

WALLY Extendable Dining Table

Stand out for its slim, geometric base folds at the ends inspired by Japanese origami design; the dominant materials are imported Italian ceramic with tempered glass and metal in matt sanded black powder coating. It is a mixture of colours in dark, grey and black. Modern and classic, it suits family gatherings and delivers conformity in design and a custom home full of individuality.

VILOK Extendable Dining Table

A stylish and adjustable set of furnishings with triangular shapes under the top, this dining table highlights sleek round table corners that can easily extend on both sides to serve your family and friends without taking up too much space and enables uniqueness in style. The imported Italian ceramic tabletop features a white marble pattern with soft grey veins with enhanced simplicity in colours and shapes, timeless for any contemporary interior.

The KULU Collections, Varying From Armchair, Sofa, Shelf and Cabinet

The KULU Collection champions craftsmanship - it can be of high quality and timeless design using traditional joinery to unite boards of sustainable French Oak, enhanced with wooden butterfly joints. The KULU legs are hand-sculpted, resulting in a textured surface that is captured. The metalwork, which is finished in either oxidized black or bronze gilded, is enhanced by rounded profiles applied to the edges.

Made of natural leather, seared Oak, and bronze cast iron in golden colour, the KULU Collection has armchairs, sofas, shelves, and side cabinets to complete the style of any Living space.

With some clever furniture choices and lots of inspiration, you can have a home that looks great but that suits your needs too. Here are our best buying tips for your small home décor with the latest and contemporary design.


Imagine a place of decorative ideas that can create more space and a better home for yourself and others, small objects in great design can refine your home with a sense of elegance that exudes a luxurious mood. The sculpture is one of the options that are suitable for the family's choice and locate a well-formed personality with stylish creatures.

Laser-cut Wall Craftsmanship

Made of iron and carefully crafted with laser-cut craftsmanship by skilful artists, this kind of metal decoration has joined a trend in engraving arts and tuning a joyful harmony at home. They are Laser-cut Flower wall sculptures, Butterfly mirrors, Butterfly, Goldfish and Lotus from left to right.

Kung Fu Boys and Girls, 6 Kinds

Made of porcelain and with their dynamic gestures, Kung fu boys and girls, though small but exquisite, manage to posture with exciting and cute faces shown. It has been full of fun and is suitable for all kinds of family decorations. Moreover, the pure white has delivered well-defined curves among different poses in those Kung fu figures overall.

Beijing Opera Porcelain Figures, 3 Kinds

By sharing the exact carefully designed details in facial and body movement, it is also made of porcelain with professional moves related to Chinese opera themes. They are authentic and cultural to engage in moderate tranquillity in a range of various poses. Chinese culture, such as Beijing opera, has long been the most remarkable trend in art today, affecting small decorative objects.


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