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The LOUVRE wardrobe is an extraordinary fusion of geometric complexity and contemporary design. Its inverted slanted doors showcase meticulous craftsmanship, highlighting the precision of hand-cut wood veneer. With its captivating design, accentuated by elegant angled lines, this wardrobe brings a stylish touch to organizing clothes and belongings in your bedroom. The LOUVRE wardrobe features concealed handles, maintaining a seamless aesthetic. Its interior is luxuriously finished with wood veneer, adding an element of sophistication. Equipped with drawers, hanging rods, and adjustable shelves, it offers the flexibility to create your own contemporary storage solution. Available in two-door or four-door options or customizable in size and configuration, the LOUVRE wardrobe provides a wide range of wood finishes, enabling you to mix and match pieces to suit your unique style and fulfill your storage needs.

LOUVRE wardrobe

SKU: 322S010209999999
  • Dimensions

    w1920 x d600 x h2000mm / customizable



    Ashy grey , Oak 02  / customizable



    Wood / customizable