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A sleek, retro-inspired bed frame that exudes timeless elegance, the MURPHY bed is a captivating addition to any bedroom. Its distinctive design features an enveloping effect highlighted by the headboard's two wings, adding an elegant and robust touch. The bed's streamlined profile beautifully blends soft curves and sharp lines, supported by tubular metal legs. Covered in a luxurious mix of leather and micro-leather upholstery, both the headboard and bedframe exude sophistication. With various sizes available, the MURPHY bed offers customization to fit your space perfectly. Slats in the base provide additional support, ensuring a comfortable and restful sleep experience.


SKU: 315G100400010101
PriceFrom HK$15,600.00
  • Dimensions

    w1260 x d2080 x h1000mm

    w1570 x d2080 x h1000mm

    w1720 x d2080 x h1000mm

    w1870 x d2080 x h1000mm

    w2180 x d2160 x h1000mm 



    Light grey