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Introducing the captivating YANKA extendable dining table, where functionality intertwines with artistic allure. This remarkable rectangular table showcases essential forms that unveil their poetic nature. With its ingenious extendable feature, it effortlessly adapts to any occasion, gracefully accommodating intimate dinners or lavish gatherings. Available in your choice of exquisite white marble or sophisticated grey cement pattern, the ceramic tabletop exudes timeless elegance. The sculptural wooden base adds a mesmerizing touch of artistry, elevating the table to a true masterpiece. Experience the perfect synthesis of beauty, versatility, and practicality with the extraordinary YANKA extendable dining table, an embodiment of refined taste for your home.

YANKA extendable dining table - light grey

SKU: 309R250070010001
HK$17,500.00 Regular Price
HK$14,875.00Sale Price
  • Dimensions

    w1600-2200 x d900 x h760mm



    Ligth grey/ light brown



    Glass/ Ceramic/ Wood

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