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Plan your interior design project

24 May 2022

It takes more than just rough ideas to start and execute an interior design project. You will need to research your desired style of living and do some serious planning! Since the lockdown, we have seen an influx of people embarking on new home makeover and renovation works.

Determine your budget for your new interior makeover, and allow some buffers as furniture or renovation works with good craftsmanship worth more.

OVO: There is no “one-size-fits-all” budget for designing a room. It all depends on your needs and preferences. However, the size of the space, the quality and the materials of furniture constitute the total costs incurred.

Client: How can I save costs when planning with an interior design firm?

OVO: Often, our clients select various pieces of furniture from our custom-made range to save on their budgets. For example, a client may like an item of designer furniture but would not want to spend so much on it. They are welcome to send us photos of the furniture designs they adore, and we can help to custom-made furniture based on their needs and requirement. This helps to save on the furniture part.

Initial Stage: Living space area vs level of renovation works or interior styling that can be done

OVO: Firstly, we will visit the client’s place and measure the space that will be renovated. Make notes on the electrical or plumbing hookups and explore if any structural repairs or re-installation are needed. We focus not only on the interior layout design but also on interior aesthetics and balance of home decor to improve the style of living.

Client: What is the difference between making over a second-hand flat and a first-hand flat?

OVO: The most significant difference between a first-hand flat and a second-hand flat is that a first-hand flat usually requires minimal renovation works, and most flat owners require only interior styling for a more soothing and cosy living space to stay in. Unlike second-hand flats, which may need more renovation works to be done, not only interior styling but also re-layout and sub-division of the living space. Most of the first-hand flat owners choose to style their flats rather than changing their initial layout as it is relatively less costly.

Middle Stage: Visualization with mood boards

Client: I do not have a clear idea of how the planning of the space and how can I rearrange and replace it with the right combination of furniture?

OVO: Visualization with mood boards makes it easier for clients to imagine how the interior design concept with home decor will be. This is the time they should raise their comments for alternatives before embarking on the actual makeover process and choosing the type of materials to be used for different furniture.

Client: Is it necessary to use fire-retardant materials for all furniture?

OVO: For the personal use of flats in Hong Kong, it is not compulsory to use fire-retardant materials or upholstery furniture. Even though studies have shown that a room with fire-retardant materials offers a time advantage 15 times greater than a similar room without fire-retardant furniture, it is still solely up to the flat owners’ discretion in choosing such material for their furniture. However, if clients require furniture with fire-retardant materials, OVO provides a furniture customization service to help you source your wanted furniture materials.

After reading this blog, you should understand how a one-stop interior design firm with its own furniture retail store like OVO can help deliver interior design, interior styling, custom-made furniture and home decor styling advice in achieving your desired home.


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