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The Art of Wall Art: Modern Wall Decor Ideas

26 April 2022

When we talk about home décor, what comes first to your mind? Lighting? Planters? Sculptures or some Feng Shui ornaments. Have you stepped into a house with wallpaper throughout and felt more warmth than merely painted walls? Appropriate wall decors can amp up your living space and make you feel more at home. Let us explore some wall décor ideas in this blog and find out some tricks by the professional interior designer on how wall décor may help expand a living area by sight.

Framed Art Piece

Framed art piece no longer refers only to art paintings. There is some play around with textured papers and fibres to transfigure them into the masterpieces. Alternatively, you may opt for simple, cohesive frames of postcards or photographs to create a gallery wall and create an illusion of a more extensive living space with the gallery wall extended to the ceiling.

Metal Wall Décor

Elevate your living space to another level with wall art crafted from iron, bronze or copper metals. There are different styles of three-dimensional metal wall décor that can liven up your painted wall to create a complete interior.

Wall Mirrors

You may consider hanging an oversized mirror to help expand a small living space horizontally and vertically. The illusion is caused by light reflecting off the glass and back into space.

Wall Shelving

Compact houses with limited living spaces may consider customizing wall shelving for more storage or displaying collectible figures. In OVO, we provide interior styling advice and furniture customization to meet your needs.

Display Wall Lamps or Hanging Lights

Wall lamps not only give out lights but can also act as a good interior décor to make up for the empty walls. The same goes for hanging lights; they help lift up the mood and revitalize little things in the rooms.

Wall-Mounted Trophies & Planters

Wall-mounted trophies like the three-dimensional silhouette of animal heads with mild steel or paper mache impart the ‘rustic lodge’ feel that many are nowadays fond of. On the other hand, you may also go for wall-mounted planters to add a bit of greenery to your space. Both can brighten up your plain walls and show an appreciation for the beauty of nature.

With so many ideas given by our interior designer, maybe you can start filling up your blank wall by infusing it with warmth and personality with our available stocks.

Besides art pieces and ready-made furniture, we also work with architectural & design firms in custom-manufacturing their design works for different projects, bringing designers' masterpieces to life from sketches.

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