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The KAMON Sofa is a sleek and modern piece of furniture with a minimalist design. Its supporting structure is made of lacquered tubular metal, which provides a sturdy and durable appearance. The sofa features a structured yet comfortable design, with a reconstituted leather perimeter that welcomes ample cushions. It stands on slender feet, adding to its sleek aesthetic. The sofa is designed to be compact and space-saving, and its narrow depth makes it perfect for slimline sofas, an ideal choice for small spaces and ensuring it can fit well in rooms with limited space.

KAMON sofa

SKU: 301A590020010001
HK$14,800.00 Regular Price
HK$12,580.00Sale Price
  • Dimensions

    w1800 x d720 x h780mm






    Fabric/ reconstituted leather/ metal