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How to choose the right dining table for your home

5 July 2022

Whether you are carving out some transitional space between an open concept kitchen or gathering in a dining hall. Choosing a dining table to bring the space together is the key. This is where our most intimate chats with plenty of delectable food and hours of laughter take place. Hence, finding a dining table that fits your dining ambience is essential.

Style of your Dining Room

Depending on the style of your interior, be it a conventional, contemporary, Scandinavian or rustic setting, you should always choose a dining table that blends well with your dining hall setting. Contemporary style with lightweight and modern furniture should be soothing to the eyes, and this kind of style can coordinate with light-coloured furnishings. The Scandinavian style, on the other hand, is rather minimalistic, usually in cool tones with a distinctive, effortless sense of style.

Size of your Dining Table

When choosing dining furniture for your home, consider the availability of your dining space. Think about the purpose of your dining furniture, will you be using for family meals only, or you will be expecting a bigger dining table which you can serve your friends and families during gatherings. How many people is it likely to fit and allowing ample movement space for each person is important before choosing your right dining table. With the limited space, in-trend extendable dining table may suit you better if you are looking into welcoming your guests for a feast at home once in a while. Find your suitable dining furniture in OVO extendable dining collection that combines functionality with aesthetics.

Shape of your Dining Table

A rectangular dining table is the most conventional and more cohesive in a rectangular dining area. On the other hand, a square dining table is more casual and looks better in a square dining area. ORIO extendable dining table and VILOK extendable dining table are versatile and contemporary in design, extendable to dine in with more guests.

In comparison, round dining tables are ideal for gatherings, perfect as guests can talk easily with anyone, especially on occasions when there is an uneven number of guests; round dining tables ensure no one is being left out. It is also more convenient for Asian households, who like to sit around their tables and share food together. BLOOM dining table resembles the benefits.

Material of your Dining Table

Wood, versatile and long-lasting, is the perfect dining companion as it creates a cozy vibe in your home. The advantage of choosing wood furniture is that it can be sanded and refurbished over the years to maintain its best condition. In OVO, we offer a selection of timeless hardwood dining furniture. The NEXA dining table and SHONA dining table in seared oak are highly recommended for all nature lovers.

Glass, being elegant, open and airy, requires little maintenance. The NETTUNO dining table, designed with a black tempered glass top, apart from the classy and sleek outlook, is more durable and safe.

Ceramic, another popular dining table choice of material, is manufactured with a mix of inorganic materials to form its marble-like appearance. As strong and sturdy as natural marble, it is durable and resistant to spills, cutting and heat. Less maintenance is required. Suitable for consideration: OXO extendable dining table and WALLY extendable dining table.

Dining table is the focal point of your dining area, it is worth investing in one that is made of durable material with good craftsmanship to enjoy for a long time worry-free.

In any case, if you think the available dining collection does not fit your interior, you can always seek help from our interior styling team to assist you with custom-made furniture service, to tailor-made one that accommodates your living style and suits your needs.

Click here to contact our interior styling team.

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