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Home Styling with Individuality

21 June 2022

Home Styling with Individuality

When home styling, aim for a sense of balance and intimacy. Find unique and custom-made furniture that blends with Western and Eastern aesthetics seamlessly, at the same time blurs the boundaries between sculpture and functional design. Here, we are looking at four chic elements of styles that are put into designing and making furniture.

Contemporary Home Styling

Focusing on color, space, and shape, contemporary interiors are sleek and fresh. It can render the collection as an image of timeless and lasting. You may add a contemporary design sofa to encapsulate comfort and luxury.


Grid-tufted upholstered cubic form in low-seat profile, fully wrapped with Italy leather. High-density foam-cushioned elevated backrest provides ample lean-back support. It is designed for an open-plan living space.

A floating sofa design with lightness and edge. Crafted with Italian leather and a metal frame, the ARGO 2-seater sofa features a streamlined design with luxury spring seats to provide an ultra-comfortable sensation.

A classic yet well-refined 2-seated sofa brings a clean-lined silhouette to your existing furnishings, featuring ultra-soft fabric and block legs. It exemplifies contemporary style and comes in classic grey, bringing personality and function to your home.

OVALINO side table

OVALINO Side Table

A small round side table or a small edge table with a regenerated leather base top that can fit next to a sofa. Adding an amazing effect on your interior atmosphere.

DOGE HO armchair

An innovative approach to shapes and sizes. It builds up an image of strength and character for the chair design. DOGE HO armchair is ideal for individuals devoted to style while working from home.

A Taste of Art

Artworks such as wall paintings or art sculptures evoke emotions. Besides traditional brush paintings, OVO offers contemporary art & sculpture including woven paper art. A modern alternative art decor to enlighten your home.

Plays with line, shape, color and form in creating the textured, durable and colorful art piece.

Bronze sculptures of two delightful piglets dancing merrily, creating a relaxed scene of memory.

Nature of Art

A classic ZEN garden, known as karesansui, is a dry landscape composed of natural components in rock, gravel, sand, and wood, with few plants and no water. Stones, 'ishi', as a strength and power, mark the entrance to many gardens as a sign of welcome and are utilised to create walkways. The water element, 'Mizu', is found in ponds, streams and waterfalls. Denoted to cleanse and purify the body with the stillness and space. Bridges, 'Hashi', are constructed in the ZEN garden to express one's journey in inner and outer dimensions towards the peaceful mind.

Individuality Home Styling

"This is exactly what I want" - The 1970s was a fascinating period in terms of cultural and societal influences, with designers striving to figure out how to make their marks. It was a response to sleek mid-century modernism, favoring "playful ornamentation and bold form experimentation." Individuality and self-expression were popular at that time. Explore Kenneth Cobonpue Collections.

Bear in mind that the home styling trend is only your guidance. Trend changes over time, and your living behavior stays with you for a lifetime. Therefore, you should always style your home following your lifestyle, reflecting your personality and style within your workable living space. Our home styling team is here to provide you with professional advice; send us a request now.

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