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Housewarming gift ideas

31 May 2022

Housewarming Gift Ideas

OVO Interior Styling Setting

Moving into a new house is an event worth celebrating. Whether it is an owned property or a rented one, first-hand or second-hand flat, it always feels pride inviting close friends and relatives to share the joy with. We are sure you would not want to attend the housewarming invitation empty-handed. We have shortlisted a list of items which are suitable and versatile as a housewarming gift. Read on to get inspired with some meaningful and thoughtful gift options for housewarmings and even birthdays or weddings.

OVO Bear Money Box

In modern days, a money bank is no longer in the shape of a piggy only. Instead, fashionable and delicate pieces are designed with a coin bank feature and can be served as home décor accessories. OVO bear money box, comes in a set of four, hand-drawn in Chinese oriental elements of the four righteous men of plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum. Use them to keep collectible coins or display them on the shelf as home decoration.

Zen Garden on Square Iron Tray

Pebble Water Fountain

A fountain can help create a peaceful and harmonious environment while inviting water elements into a space and is believed to help activate water element qualities in one’s life to invite wisdom, wealth and abundance while expanding social network. Mini Fountain does not take up much space and can bring positive energy to living space.

Mini Garden is space-saving and helps to add a unique decorative touch to a home with little maintenance required. It minimizes headaches with the improvement of indoor air quality, improves one’s focus, boosts productivity, and uplifts one’s mood while reducing stress and anxiety.

Unique vase or planter can act as a home décor accessory by creating an eye-catching look on a tabletop or shelf. Showcase vases on display stools can spruce up the home interior to another level if space allows.

Thoughtful housewarming gift with over hundreds of cushion styles to choose in OVO. Make one feel homey and relaxed.

Candy Box

Always choose a housewarming gift that goes along with the house owner’s personal taste and style. Surprise him or her with a practical housewarming gift that can be used for decades. You sure feel the warmth the next time you visit the house for gatherings and be served with the gift you presented.

If budget allows, home décor accessories such as artificial coral, triangle stand with glass ball and brass sculptures can be another good alternative. They have the power to uplift moods, change the spirit of space, complement and accentuate the existing interior aesthetic of a home.

Stools, not just a seating tool, it helps elevate any home’s interior or outdoor décor. A ceramic stool like HOMEY is more than just a spare seat and is molded with vertical line patterns in glazed colors for a homey feeling.

OVO Gift Vouchers

On the other hand, if you are running out of ideas on housewarming gifts and would not want the gifts to be unused and wasted. Then, gift vouchers are always the ultimate choice, especially for those who are busy and would not want to rack your brain on what to present. OVO offers cash vouchers of $100, $500 and $1,000 denominations with 6-month validity. The homeowner can use it like cash to purchase any home décor items or furniture they adore.


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